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Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Will Potty For..."

Toilet Paper?!?! Ever since Sam was about 6 months, I would sit him on the potty before bath time. For the past month or two, he has been grabbing the potty seat and placing it on the toilet. So tonight as I was filling up the bath tub, he was getting his potty seat ready. I put him on the toilet and turned off the bath water only to turn around to find him peeing...on the floor (I guess we'll need to work on the whole pointing it down thing)!

I was so excited, but even more excited that he could stop it mid-stream and ask for toilet paper. I gave him a piece of t.p. and told him to try again. And what do you know?! He turned it back on and asked for more toilet paper! This went on like this about 6 more times! With this sort of control, we might be a diaper free household soon! Stella would potty for chocolate malt balls and it seems that Sam is perfectly content going potty for toilet paper!

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