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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Like Daddy

Everyone we know and meet says that Sam looks just like his daddy. I even had a lady ask me if he was mine! I assured her that yes, he indeed was mine. I remember the pain..ahem...I mean the joy of carrying the little rascal for 9 months.

My son not only looks like his daddy, but he tries so hard to emulate him. I first realized this the other day while Sam was brushing his teeth. He gave his teeth a little scrub with the brush, then leaned over the sink and made the cutest little spitting noise, "puh". Then he started coughing. I thought maybe he had gagged himself with the toothbrush, but when he did it again, I knew exactly why he was coughing! He was being just like daddy! It made me smile and reminded me just how much our kids really watch what we do!

I hope that as Sam grows up he will continue to take notice of his daddy and the great qualities he possesses: the love he has for our us; his love for the Lord; his willingness to provide for our family and how he does it with a joyous attitude; the spiritual leader he is; his wisdom; his playful nature. I do hope that Sam will grow up to be just like his daddy. I love them so!

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  1. Love the new layout. Do you feel better about it? And great post. Your children are blessed to have you and Rich as parents!