Our Journey in Words

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Perfection. That is what keeps me from trying new things and keeps me from enjoying a lot of things. It is something I struggle with almost daily. Trying to be perfect and trying to make everything perfect is exhausting!

I've always wanted to start a blog. In fact, I started one three years ago after the birth of my daughter and soon after, I quit. I tried again after the birth of my son, and after only writing a post or two, I quit again. "My words aren't good enough. My layout isn't right. My background isn't cute enough." Who cares, right? The perfectionist in me cared. But, alas, I have grown weary of being haunted by perfection and am ready to take baby steps to change. This blog will be a new challenge for me and a good one at that!

So, here I sit. Computer at hand, my blog title unaligned and a background I'm not crazy about. But I will write. I will share. I will leave stories and memories of my little ones and the footprints they leave on my heart. Ready? Here goes....our journey in words.

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  1. You did it!!! Hooray! Looking forward to many more!