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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Night and Day

Night and Day...my yesterday and today. We had a complete turn around today. Great listening, good manners, sharing, getting along, playing together/alone, and nap time! Thank you, Lord!

Night and Day...boys and girls. I enjoyed watching Stella be mommy to her dollies today. She took such good care of them: wrapping them in blankets, feeding them their bottles, pushing them in the swing. Sam, on the other hand, was completely engulfed with his cars: lining them up, pushing them under the swing, making sound affects. It was just another little glimpse of how different boys and girls are!

I asked Stella how many babies she had and she said 2. I asked her how many babies I had and she said 3. A little curious as to why she said 3, I asked her who they were. "Me, Sam and Daddy!"

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